Sewer Upkeep and Maintenance

Knowing when it is your responsibility to keep home drains flowing properly

Often sewer troubles are the responsibility of your municipality. Other times you'll need to call in a professional to restore proper working order.

Learn how to tell the difference here!

  • What Homeowners Need to Know About Video Pipe Inspection

    Expert Author Donald Gregory Smith

    What Homeowners Need to Know About

    Video Pipe Inspection

    As a homeowner, it's important for you to be aware of the technological advances that make it easier and more affordable for you to take care of the various maintenance tasks necessary to keep all of the systems in your home functioning as effectively as possible.

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  • House Traps For Sewer Lines

    Expert Author David Balkan

    A House Trap For A Sewer Line

    Why Is It So Important?

    Believe it or not a house trap on a sewer line is vitally important in many ways that you would probably never think of. That "thing" you see in the bottom of a pit in your basement can cause an awful lot of aggravation or damage if it is not functioning properly, is in poor condition, or is not operated properly.

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  • What Should Not Be Put in the Drain

    Expert Author Wanda Arnold

    A Plumber Tells You:

    What Shouldn't Be Put in the Drain

    There are many different items that not many of us would realize are not healthy for our drains or plumbing. One good rule of thumb to remember when considering if it should go down your drain or not is if it is not "biodegradable" then it should stay out of your drain.

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  • Sewer Backup Prevention

    How to Prevent Emergency Sewer Backups in Homes

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  • Solving Sewer Backup Problems

    Solving Sewer Backup Problems

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  • Residential Video Pipe Inspection

    Expert Author Donald Gregory Smith

    Key Benefits

    of Residential Video Pipe Inspection

    Perhaps one of the greatest fears most homeowners have is the idea of having to dig up huge areas of their yards to find a plumbing blockage or broken pipe. Fortunately, thanks to video pipe inspection technology, that's not something that homeowners are likely to have to do anymore.

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  • Hydro Jetting Process

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    Hydro Jetting Process

    Hydro Jetting

    What is hydro jetting? If you operate a septic tank or if you run a commercial property you might already be familiar with this technique as a sewer cleaning process. Utilizing high volumes of water released at high pressure, hydro jetting scrubs the walls of drains and sewer lines. This process has become increasingly popular because it is one of the most thorough techniques for removing blockages in drains and pipes. Streams of water are shot out of a hose at pressures up to 3,500 psi and are strong enough to cut through built-up debris so it can be washed out through the drains. Ultimately, this process restores your sewers, drains, and pipes to their original condition and functionality.

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  • Effective Ways on How to Prevent Drain Blockage

    Expert Author Carolyn Clayton

    Effective Ways

    How to Prevent Drain Blockage

    In house drains, particularly the one in the kitchen are susceptible to frequent blockages. The causes of such blockages may be partly due to large food particles. These food remnants pile up slowly and eventually contribute to clogging the drainage system. Such occurrences cause bad smell besides causing the sinks to overflow. Once you realize such clogging try to identify the specific location.

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  • Identifying Septic Tank Issues

    Expert Author Beverly Jacobs

    Identifying Septic Tank Issues

    If you have a septic tank, knowing the signs of impending issues can save you thousands of dollars in repairs. Many people are not sure about septic tank care, however there are several signs you may notice indicating a problem with the septic tank. In most cases, a septic tank should be cleaned out on average every 3 to 5 years. Although there are other factors, such as the number of people in the house, a washer on the system, or heavy rain periods, can often dictate how often a tank is given maintenance.

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  • Not All Sewer Pipes Are Created Equal

    Expert Author David Balkan

    Not All Sewer Pipes Are Created Equal

    When a sewer contractor was hired to replace a sewer line in the Bronx the material originally used turned out to be the cause of the sewer problem. The sewer repair might never had been needed if proper sewer line material had been used in the first place. This is a recurring theme in the sewer repair and sewer line replacement business.

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  • Keeping Sewers Clean

    Keeping Sewers Clean

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  • Dealing With Sewage

    Expert Author Bruce D Jackson

    Dealing With Sewage

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  • Choosing a Drain Service

    Choosing a Drain Service

    Who to Call for Help Cleaning and Clearing Drains and Plumbing Repair

    Many things can go wrong with plumbing in the home or apartment. Knowing which professional to call will save the homeowner or renter both time and money. Should a drain cleaning rooter service be called, or is a fully licensed and bonded plumber required? Can the neighborhood handyman clear up the problem or could the homeowner even do it themselves?

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  • What Is Storm Water Management

    Expert Author Wanda Arnold

    What Is Storm Water Management?

    Storm Water Management is the process of managing the condition and amount of excess water, particularly when it appears suddenly. This involves engineered devices and systems, such as a retention pond for cleaning and treating polluted runoff. It is important to manage this water, especially in urban areas where the run off can be a flood risk.

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  • Winterizing the Outdoor Plumbing Fixtures

    Expert Author Nancy Wilkes

    Winterizing the Outdoor Plumbing Fixtures

    The temperature is really starting to drop now, and one thing that many people forget to do is to turn off outdoor faucets. Any water left in outdoor pipes can freeze and cause cracks and leaks in the pipes by spring. Even if it's never happened before, odds are it will happen in the future.

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  • How Long Will Your Main Sewer Line Last

    Expert Author Ana M Fraser

    How Long Will Your Main Sewer Line Last?

    Main sewer lines for homes are built to last quite a long time. Nowadays, most of the lines for homes are made out of PVC pipe. If you have never heard of PVC pipe before, you are not alone. PVC stands for polyvinyl chloride, and this polyvinyl chloride piping is sincerely built to last. If your sewer line is built using polyvinyl chloride, or PVC, piping, then it will likely last 100 years.

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  • Sewer Backups and Backflows

    Sewer Backups and Backflows

    Dealing with disaster

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  • When Can Bursting a Pipe Be a Good Thing

    Expert Author Ana M Fraser

    When Can Bursting a Pipe Be a Good Thing?

    When you think about the words "bursting a pipe," do they sound in any way good to you? No! Of course not!

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  • Tree Roots In Sewer

    Expert Author David Balkan

    Tree Roots In Sewer?

    How To Avoid A Sewer Repair Or Sewer Replacement

    Tree roots in sewer lines are a property owner's nightmare. If untreated they can result in very costly sewer repair or replacement work. Many property owners wait until the house drain is completely blocked with roots to take action - That may be too late to avoid costly excavation for a sewer line repair or replacement.

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  • Storm Sewer Backup

    Expert Author David Balkan

    Storm Sewer Backup

    What To Do When Heavy Rains Cause A Sewer Back Up

    When sudden downpours occur, such as a recent Saturday and Sunday when over 4" of rain fell in NYC, City sewers frequently back up. Property owners can be left with inches or feet of waste-water in their basements. As an example, on a recent weekend property owners across New York City were left with just such a sewer condition.

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  • Sewer Check Valves

    Expert Author David Balkan

    Flooded Basement, Sewer Back Up?

    A Sewer Check Valve May Be The Answer

    In certain areas of NYC and around the country a public sewer back up may cause a flooded basement. This back up can be due to heavy rains or over development in the area causing the system sewer to be over burdened. Other possible causes of a sewer back up could be a malfunctioning city sewer, a high groundwater table, although there are various other reasons. As in all of these cases a sewer back up does not mean that the house sewer is defective or needs to be cleaned. Many times the solution to stopping a flooded basement from happening and stopping a public sewer back up is by installing a sewer check valve, also known as a backwater check valve.

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  • Black Water and Grey Water

    Expert Author Wanda Arnold

    Black Water and Grey Water

    What Is the Difference?

    Greywater relates to the waste water from your kitchen, laundry, baths, shower and hand basins and is tainted with natural materials, pathogens, bacteria plus the chemical washing products we use. However, handled properly it is usually safely reused on lawns and gardens.

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  • Helpful Tips For Finding A Plumber

    Finding A Plumber

    Helpful Tips

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  • Video Drain Inspection

    Pipe Video Inspection and Exploration

    Sending Cameras Down Drains and Plumbing for a View Inside

    Stubborn, persistent, or recurrent drain problems can be difficult to diagnose. Tracking down the exact location of damage or blockage once pipes leave the home can mean money, time, and property damage saved in the end. One modern tool many rooter and drain services will use is a remote video camera, capable of inspecting the pipes from within and transmitting the image back to the camera operator.

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  • Drain Snaking

    Drain Snaking

    Handheld Drain and Closet Augers Vs Motorized Plumber's Snakes

    Plumber's snakes are the mechanized rooters that rooter businesses are named after. The professional's tool is motorized, and spools out a stiff, tough metal cable with a reinforced multi-purpose tip, reaming a clear path through constricted or blocked plumbing.

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