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  • Using Sink and Toilet Plungers

    Using Sink and Toilet Plungers

    Learn to Successfully Use Plungers On Each Type of Household Drain

    The red rubber suction cup plunger is still as popular as ever, because when used correctly, even this old design can work wonders. But for even better chances of success, match your plunger purchase to the drain it will be clearing. The old standby with its wide flat face can be difficult to work with on curved drains such as those in toilets and lavatory basins.

    Fortunately, the enormous variety of plunger shapes available means there is one for every type of drain in the home.

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  • Clogged Toilet Bowl

    Expert Author Nicholas Chua

    Clogged Toilet Bowl?

    How to Clear a Toilet Bowl Choke

    When a toilet bowl gets choked up, it can be an unpleasant strain on your time and efforts, but there are some easy ways to fix the situation before things get messy.

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  • Home Drain Snaking

    Expert Author Andam Persand

    Home Drain Snaking

    What Is a Handheld Drain Auger?

    Handheld Drain Auger Definition

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  • Plumbing Traps

    Expert Author Wanda Arnold

    Plumbing Traps:

    A Small But Essential Component

    What is a Trap?

    Draining sewage and waste out of your home or office can get smelly. That's because fumes from gases like methane, nitrogen, hydrogen sulfide and carbon monoxide are a by-product of wastes. The job of a plumbing trap is to keep these gases (and their odors), and also small vermin, from entering your home or office via the drain pipes. How does a plumbing trap work? It works by creating a water seal by allowing a small amount of water to be retained in the trap and not allowing anything back up through the pipe. All plumbing fixtures, sinks, toilets, tubs, showers, utility sinks, washer drains, etc. have a trap of some kind.

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  • How Plumbing Forums Can Be Beneficial

    Expert Author Ana M Fraser

    Plumbing Forums

    How They Can Be Beneficial to Homeowners

    In the dictionary the word forum is described as a meeting or assembly for the open discussion of subjects of public interest. Ten years ago your first thought when you brought up the word forum might have been a Town Hall meeting, but with the Internet today, the younger generation would automatically think about a digital online forum.

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  • Clogged Drain Prevention

    Clogged Drain Prevention

    Learn How Maintain Free Flow in Household Plumbing

    In the typical home you will encounter a number of different drains, each with their specific use and function. Kitchen sinks for example, will frequently have a garbage disposal attached, and can accept kinds of waste that would not be acceptable in a bathroom--or lavatory--sink. There are types of drains that will be found in every building or home. Knowing their purposes and capabilities will allow for best clog prevention practices, and the quickest clearing of any troubles that do arise.

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  • Plungers 101

    Expert Author Andam Persand

    Plungers 101

    Two Big Hints for Effective Use of the Plumber's Helper

    There are two big considerations when it comes to knowing how to correctly use a plunger. First, you should understand how a plunger works when used properly. Then you can apply that knowledge towards successful completion of this common do-it-yourself chore.

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  • Sheetrock and Clogged Drain Problem

    Expert Author Alan Ruffell

    Sheetrock and Clogged Drain Problem

    If you have a clogged drain due to a piece of sheetrock stuck in it you will have a continuing problem. Over a long period of time it will eventually break down but in the course of time it is accumulating hair and other stuff which will cause the clog in the drain to worsen.

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  • Understanding Bathroom Plungers

    Expert Author Jason Kay

    Understanding Bathroom Plungers

    Don't you hate it when your toilet gets clogged? While this situation is never fun it is much worse when you don't have the right plunger to quickly resolve the situation. Having the right bathroom plunger can be very important and knowing what to look for in a plunger is critical if you want to be prepared when the dreaded toilet clog occurs again. Here are some plunger tips for you to keep in mind.

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